Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my website – I am Dr. Vivek Cheba, an award-winning Calgarian orthodontist, philanthropist. I am thrilled to share insights about my work experience, current projects and passions.

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. I went to the University of Calgary for my undergraduate degree. From there, I decided to pursue my career in Dental School at the University of Manitoba. I worked as a general practitioner for one year in Manitoba, and during this time I realized my true passion was in orthodontics. I went on to take my masters in Orthodontics at the University of Manitoba as well. While I truly enjoyed my time developing my education in Winnipeg, Manitoba, my career led me back to Alberta.

Working as a registered Canadian Orthodontist in Calgary, I had the opportunity to oversee many clinics in different areas. From Red Deer Orthodontics in Red Deer and Stettler, SmileWorx in Leduc, Clarity Orthodontics in Medicine Hat, Cool Smiles Children’s Dentistry in Red Deer and Smilz Orthodontics in Sunridge to name a few.

Orthodontic care is truly my passion. To me, it is about more than just straightening teeth. My definition of orthodontics is the balance between your joints, teeth, muscles, bite alignment and airway. Are these all working together in harmony? In my opinion, one is not more important than the other. They are all critical and linked to your health. If one lacks, it can impact your overall health. I instilled this mentality at each of my practices to provide personalized treatment and care for each of my patients.

-Dr. Vivek Cheba

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