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Dr. Vivek Cheba can assess your child's smile to see if Invisalign First clear aligners are a good orthodontic treatment option for them. 

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Invisalign First

Invisalign First clear aligners are removable orthodontic tools designed to help straighten children's teeth as they grow. They are specifically designed to accommodate children's growing smiles as they undergo orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign First can be used to correct issues with arch development and expansion, tooth spacing irregularities, protrusions, and crowding in your child's mouth.

As a form of early orthodontic treatment, Invisalign First guides your child's teeth into their correct positions while their smile is still developing. Early orthodontic intervention in beneficial because it may eliminate or lessen the need for extensive and invasive orthodontic treatment when the child is older. 

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Invisalign First, Dr. Vivek Cheba, Calgary Orthodontist

The Benefits of Invisalign First for Kids

Invisalign First is an excellent alternative to traditional braces because it:

  •  Avoids friction or discomfort from brackets or poking wires
  • Treats a broad range of issues with misaligned teeth in growing children. This includes crowding, narrow dental arches, and irregular tooth spacing.
  • Features removable aligners for easy dental hygiene, making it as easy as possible for growing kids to floss and brush.

How Invisalign First Works

Invisalign First enacts a process called dental arch expansion, where your child's jawline is expanded and contoured by the guiding pressure of the clear aligners. 

It applies mild but consistent pressure to the teeth for an extended period of time to increase the width of your child's dental arch.

Over the course of the treatment, Invisalign First clear aligners will shift your child's teeth. Depending on your child's orthodontic needs, they may need only one aligner, or they may need two (for both their upper and lower jaw).

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