Invisalign Treatment Hacks You’ll Want To Know

Invisalign Treatment Hacks You’ll Want To Know

Are you getting ready to start Invisalign treatment? If you are a candidate for Invisalign, the treatment can produce impressive results. The guidelines are relatively simple: the better you care for your teeth and aligners, the better the outcome will be.

In this article, we’ll provide some tips and tricks for Invisalign clear braces treatment to keep you moving forward. Invisalign aligners are discreet and removable, so you can continue your current lifestyle, from brushing to flossing and everything in between.

Keep track of your daily wear time

It is essential to wear your Invisalign clear braces for at least 20 to 22 hours each day. This recommended daily wear time can help ensure optimal treatment results. Unlike traditional braces, you can remove the aligners to eat or drink. Be mindful about the amount of time the aligners are out of your mouth. Keep an eye on how long the aligners are removed and create a habit of reinserting after meals — but not before brushing!

Always have a toothbrush kit on hand

Patients who maintain a diligent at-home oral care routine during Invisalign treatment are unlikely to develop future dental issues. Brush your teeth after each meal and ensure that food does not remain on your teeth. Carrying a travel toothbrush kit, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, is convenient for on-the-go brushing and keeping teeth healthy during treatment.

Remove your aligners safely

It does take some practice and patience to learn how to safely and effectively remove your Invisalign clear braces. Your dentist may provide a removal tool that makes the process a bit easier, and this will help avoid constantly putting your fingers in your mouth. A helpful Invisalign tip is to rinse the aligners before placing them in their accompanying case to eliminate lingering bacteria. Also, it is handy to have multiple storage cases readily available for storing your Invisalign clear braces. Never wrap your aligners in a paper towel or napkin after taking them out to eat. Of course, this is not wise because they could accidentally get tossed in the trash.

Never insert trays without brushing first

As previously mentioned, you should never reinsert clear aligner trays without brushing and flossing your teeth first. Food particles and bacteria can become trapped and, this potentially could lead to excessive plaque, cavities, tooth decay, or even gum disease.

Keep your trays clean

Another crucial step for a successful treatment outcome is to clean your Invisalign trays properly. To prevent bacteria growth, plaque buildup, and infection caused by improper dental care, thoroughly brush your teeth after each meal or snack and after drinking anything other than water. To effectively clean your Invisalign clear braces, be sure to soak them in a solution designed for aligners or retainers, use a denture cleaner, or rinse the trays thoroughly with cool water. Avoid brushing the trays with toothpaste as the formula contains abrasive ingredients that could damage the plastic.

Set reminders

Set a timer as a reminder to reinsert your trays after eating. It might feel slightly obsessive to track the amount of time the aligners are out of your mouth, but the closer you come to meeting the 20 to 22-hour goal each day, the closer you come to the smile you’ve always hoped to have. Depending on your treatment plan, Invisalign trays are typically changed every two weeks. It may be beneficial to set alarms on your phone to remind you when it’s time for the next set in the series.

Switch aligners at bedtime

While clear aligners can be an effective method for correcting misalignment issues, they can cause discomfort. You will experience mild pain from the pressure applied to your teeth. A helpful tip is to switch to your new set of aligners in the series before bed. Taking over-the-counter pain medication can help you sleep throughout the initial adjustment period and will help avoid dealing with any discomfort throughout the day

Keep your previous set of aligners

Though it can be tempting to immediately toss your aligners after switching to the next set of trays in the series, a helpful tip is to keep the previous trays on hand, just in case you misplace or damage your Invisalign clear braces. Keeping the former set of aligners will allow you to continue with your treatment progress until you can schedule an appointment with your dentist for a replacement.

Create a schedule and stick to it!

Invisalign clear braces are convenient, comfortable, removable, and discreet. But even with all of these advantages, patient compliance is essential for successful treatment. Invisalign is an investment, and it’s helpful to create a schedule and stick to it. Be mindful about the amount of time you are wearing your clear braces, and be sure to maintain a dedicated at-home oral care routine. You are taking the necessary steps towards achieving the smile you’ve always hoped for, so be sure to follow these suggestions to make your orthodontic journey a breeze and, hopefully, an overall enjoyable experience.

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